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DS 106 Radio Bumper

Now that we have a #ds106 radio up and running creating a 15 to 30 second bumper for the station. What is a bumper? It is a short recording that identifies the radio station with signature music or an expression that makes sure the listeners know what they are tuned into (see So for ds106 it should certainly include “DS106 Radio” and some sort of message about the station with voice over music.

Story Behind the Story

When I first started this assignment I really didn’t know where I wanted to go with it. There are so many aspects of noir and digital storytelling that I had trouble narrowing it down. I know that it is a DS 106 radio bumper, but I really wanted to incorporate what we have learned about noir and it’s drama.

I have always heard the term femme fatale, but I never really went in depth about what it meant or how it could be portrayed, so I decided that was the aspect I wanted to incorporate. Now that I am more familiar with the term, I realize it is an iconic figure throughout history, not just in noir films or stories. She is a figure that yields so much power and isn’t always in the dominant position. At least with the couple of films and stories we have read so far, she seems to be the driving force behind deadly motivations, yet never the conductor. It is manipulative in a way that seems unintentional but at the same time diabolical. That is what noir is in my mind, and I wanted my radio bumper to be more of a warning.

Because I had an idea and no way of knowing how to portray it, I, with a little shame, admit to simply typing in “femme fatale” in youtube to get a sense of what kind of atmosphere I would need to create. I came across the song Femme fatale by the Velveteen Rabbit and immediately went to work. It was perfect. I really messed around with the pitch, tempo and echo effects.

This is one warning I would listen to.

Work Itself

Narrate the Process

Honestly, I just spend an obscene amount of time playing around with the effects in audacity. Once I had found my sounds: femme fatale, ticking clock, gun shot (because what would noir be without murder), and heavily editing voice.

I found these sounds on youtube and once again converted them into MP3 by using a simple program online.

It may have been the most frustrating process ever for a 29 second clip.

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