Don’t cry me a river

Teenage Angst (1 1/2 Stars)

Record yourself reading from a diary/journal/letter you wrote when you were a teenager. Try to capture the emotion and angst of the moment. Add music and sound effects, as appropriate. (Check out one of the TAL segements in the example for an idea of how this might sound.)

Story Behind the Story

For this assignment, I decided to use it towards my character Stella. As much as I wanted to read my own angsty teenage letters, I was not able to access them at school (I know, it’s strange that I don’t carry those with me wherever I go. what is wrong with me?).

I also wanted to touch on her childhood and when she first started realizing that emotions and feelings were not part of her personality. I wanted to show the disconnect she felt between herself and everyone else. Normal teenage angst journal entries are going to be about the new boy she likes or how this one friend was such a jerk to her. They are whiny and childish. This was all about contrasting Stella with the stereotypical teenage dilemmas. I have never focused on how Stella became who she is or what she was like as a child, so I had a lot of fun delving into the mind of her 15-year-old self.

This is a fun assignment to do for a movie character or your favorite character in a book. It forces you to think like them and really understand who they are as a person. There is a connection that has to be made in order to fully grasp the personality you are representing. Stella is a complex individual, and I think portraying her through a journal entry shows more of her mind and really elaborates on her adult self.

Work Itself

Narrate the Process

I basically thought back to everything I ever wrote about as a 15 year old and completely disregarded it. I wrote about the polar opposites. I wanted to make her sound nonchalant about her personality characteristics, so I practiced adding a couple small laughs into it.

Once again I recorded myself on audacity and added some wind into the background to make it have a more ominous feeling while listening.

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