I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse

Professor Groom Poster (4 1/2 stars — wow, you are an expensive assignment!)

You’re making basically “a Jim Groom movie/TV show” poster. Choose a TV show/Poster and get a picture of Professor Groom. Cut his face out and put it in an episode of your choice/movie and make a poster out of it. Try to make Professor Groom more famous! Be creative! Have fun!

Story Behind the Story

Let me start off by saying I never in a million years thought I would be photoshopping a professor’s face as an assignment. With that, this was one of the best assignments I have completed. Props to whoever thought this one up.

I really wanted this to be as authentic as possible. Because of this need for real movie quality, this process took a long time, but it was completely worth it. While I may have worked off of a previous movie poster, I enjoyed taking something old and turning it into something unique. I loved being able to take elements from my idea and elements of the previous Godfather poster and morph them into a whole new piece of art.

I thought pretty in depth about what this movie was going to be about. It takes place at the Digital Knowledge Center. Dr. Groom is on a quest to find the noir cat and figure out the story behind his many appearances and disappearances. With the help of his trusty side-kicks, Dr. Burtis and Dr. Bond, he sets out to discover the truth behind the cat. What he doesn’t know is, it takes him own a windy path of murder, deceit, and of course….a woman.

Now before you get all excited about a romantic plot twist…this femme fatale is a little different.

Cue…the crazy cat lady. She sends her cats out on secret missions to discover the hidden secrets of Noir 106, secrets that Dr. Groom didn’t even know about. Who can you trust? Maybe your enemy is the only one bold enough to tell you the truth. Maybe being kept in the dark means saving a life? What will Dr. Groom do?

Stay tuned for the premier of The DKC trailing, coming Summer 2015.

Work Itself


Narrate the Process

Once again I used my magical GIMP skills. By the end of this semester I am going to know that program front and back (actually probably not because half the time I just get lucky by clicking all of the different buttons).

I started by photoshopping Dr. Groom’s face. I figured that was the most important part, and I wanted to make sure I could do it before I got too invested in the process.

Once he was a floating blob, I googled famous movie posters and was immediately drawn to the Godfather.  I couldn’t tell you why; I have never seen it before, but it just seemed fitting for the idea I had in mind.

I inserted the backdrop into GIMP, which was the original Godfather poster. I then moved Dr. Groom’s head to be the top layer and used the move tool to place his head over the original.

I then googled a picture of a black background and inserted it in a way that would cover “Godfather” as well as the white text on the bottom of the poster. From that I used the drop color tool to clone the original color of the text on the word “The.” After that it was pretty simple, I just added the text and changed the font to make it match as best as I could.

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