Oh yeah, I brought it Back

Favorite Song (1 1/2 Stars)

Take your favorite song. Remove the lyrics. Play only up to thirty seconds of the song. Listener must be able to guess.

Story Behind the Story

Phew, let me tell you, while this may have been 1 1/2 stars, the process I took to get to this stage was excruciating. Let me back track.

I originally wanted to do the assignment where you slow a song down to 800%. It was going to be the very first audio assignment that I completed. I figured it wasn’t going to be super easy but I had confidence that I knew how to at least slow down a song. Wrong. This was just the beginning of my frustrations. First of all, audacity and I have had a constant battle this week and it is hard to say who is in the lead. Did you know that it is impossible to slow a song down to 800% on Audacity? Well guess what, IT IS. So after two trips to the DKC and and injured mouse pad, I finally gave up. I wanted so badly to figure out a way, but it just wasn’t going to happen. Maybe one day I will have the courage to go to war, but this battle was a shut out.

I still wanted to do something with music. Mash-ups and remixes have always been an interests of mine (but I could never in a million years make one), so this was my tiny step into the world of audio editing. Now since I HAD no idea what I was doing, I once again went to the DKC (I should just become a promotional ad for your center because I feel like I have been in there at least 10 times). I found out it really wasn’t as hard as I had expected. The tutor walked me through the steps and then we spent some time playing around to get it at a good point.

This assignment really brought in the idea of background sound being the influential piece of music. As I learned when reading Hanson’s piece, sound makes the purpose of the song important. This isn’t a perfect example, apparently some songs have so many layers that newbies like me just can’t get rid of all of them. At first I was extremely frustrated by some of the background noise. My tutor and I even had Dr. Burtis listen to it to make sure that it qualified the assignment. Even though she said yes, I still came home and tried my hardest to find a way to get rid of it. There was one point when my roommate asked “well why don’t you just use the instrumental version on youtube?” Two thoughts ran through my head, first, why did I not know that there was an instrumental version, and second, it wouldn’t be as satisfying knowing I hadn’t done it myself.

“There are no finished products, only due dates.”

Work Itself

Narrate the Process

In case you missed it, I had to do a throwback. I mean who didn’t like the Backstreet Boys? This was a confusing process and by the end it was a lot of clicking random buttons and moving dials to get it right where I wanted it. I dragged the song from my iTunes account (I’m not ashamed to say this) and put it in audacity. I cut it to 30 seconds and that is about how far I got before the DKC tutor stepped in. He was a lifesaver! We googled the process and went through the steps.

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 11.28.43 AM


I have realized while there are certain steps to be taken in sound editing, a lot of it stems off of messing around with the functions. By the end, I couldn’t tell you what buttons were used, I just know that at some point we had done it. While I am confident that I could do it again, it seems that there is no set way to ensure a perfect outcome. The end game develops from what you make of the process, it is a part of you.

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