Piano Lessons

Theme Song (4 stars)

If you had the opportunity to create your own theme music, what would it sound like? Get creative and create your own sounds or select an instrumental from Youtube or any other source that represents you well. If you are going the youtube route, remember to use VidtoMp3. Once you have selected your background music, find some sounds/effects to incorporate into it using Audacity or other editing software. You can find free sounds at SoundBible. Once completed, upload to Soundcloud and share it with us.

Story Behind the Story

I used this towards my character Stella. It was a lot easier to create a theme song for my character because I created her and I know exactly how she should be portrayed. I feel like if I had tried to make a theme song for myself it would have been all over the place and I probably would have spent hours trying to get it just right and then given up on it all together.

Stella is supposed to be peaceful and reassuring on the surface and then diabolical and scary underneath. I generally listen to rain or a piano playing while I am doing work just to tune our distractions, so I wanted one of those sounds to be the main base of her theme song. However, I also wanted the fear and deception to show through so I had a more intense, thriller soundtrack fade into the main sound towards the end.

I love having the two contrasting sounds because that is what Stella encompasses. She is a deceiving and manipulative person, but no one would ever see that until it it too late. That is why all the action occurs towards the end of the theme song. Once you realize you should start running, it is too late.

Work Itself

Narrate the process

This was a lot of playing around with sound effects and figuring out which ones worked well with the piano track. Surprisingly, not everything sounds good contrasted with a peaceful piano, so it was a lot of searching. I had a friend recommend the track that I ended up using, but I still took time to explore and see if it was the best one to use.

I also had to go through quite a but of sound effects, which I found at SoundBible. I just kept going through pages. I really didn’t know the kind of sounds I wanted to use. I dragged and dropped a lot of them until I found ones that seemed to fit with the tone.


One thought on “Piano Lessons

  1. I really like how you transition this into a darker piece. I like the idea of playing those darker undertones over the soft piano to start, and there are moments when it really comes together. Maybe bring in the dark stuff even more gradually. It fights just a bit too much with the piano when its first introduced, but I still really like this.

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