Thinking of Singing, Don’t Give me Love in a Lego House

Greatest Hits Storytelling (3 1/2 stars)

Many artists sing songs about similar things or that each tell similar stories. Find an artist like this and choose five of their songs that you can make into one story. Using Audacity or another audio edting software, edit five or more songs by one artist into a new story! Use at least 5 songs and make the new song at least 5 minutes long. I recommend not uploading it to SoundCloud as it will likely be taken down due to copyright infringement, but you can still put it up on your blog and Twitter. Have fun with it!

Story Behind the Story

This assignment was difficult to say the least. I worked with so many different artists trying to find ones where five of their songs would flow perfectly together…I gave up on that dream shortly after. Eventually, I just focused on the new story aspect of the assignment. I had some friends and roommates throwing out different artists to use and finally I settled on Ed Sheeran (which I have no become unhealthily obsessed with). I found 5 of his songs that I liked and they actually created a nice story plot.


“Sing”: this was the flirty stage of the relationship, not quite dating but developing feelings

“Thinking out loud”: Where they finally fall in love and it’s perfection

“Don’t”: Where the girl cheats of poor Ed and he is just a little touchy about it 

“Give me Love”: He is in the mourning stage

“Lego House”: He has moved on and can appreciate love now 

The most challenging part was finding which parts of the song I wanted to use or which parts sounded decent with one another. I ended up cutting and deleting each song numerous times. I even had a friend, Sepehr Sobhani, work with me and give me advice on what to do. Although at times I had ABSOLUTELY no idea what he was talking about.

I did have to slow down the song a little bit in order for it to be posted on Soundcloud but once I got it to download as an MP3 in my post, I realized I didn’t need to slow it down. However, I kind of preferred the altered version, so I just kept it that way. Below I have just the MP3 insert, the embedded Soundcloud, and then also Sepehr’s version of the assignment, just for fun.

Work Itself

Narrate the process

I had to listen to each song at least 10 times before I could figure out what parts sounded best. It was a very frustrating process. I wanted it to sound like one fluid song and it was heartbreaking when I realized I don’t have that kind of skill level.

I tried to match each individual song piece with the tone of the story line. I think figuring out what I wanted the story to be first was a really big help. It made it easier to determine which song went where and how each one was going to fit with the next.

One thought on “Thinking of Singing, Don’t Give me Love in a Lego House

  1. This is really cool. I like how you arranged them so they kind of tell their own story. You also made the transitions between songs really fluid. On a somewhat unrelated topic, his voice sounds weirdly deeper when you slow down the tracks a little bit… but nice job!

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