Who can spot the lie?

Newspaper Design (3 stars)

Design a newspaper. Using word, photoshop, or whatever make a fictional newspaper, and put together the front page for today. You can use real articles or you can write your own, but the design of the newspaper should be original.

Story Behind the Story

I really wanted to portray Stella in a good light this time around. However, with a noir character, there is always going to be an ulterior motive. While this article praises her new, innovative way of thinking, it also highlights how she comes to manipulate her clients. Yes, she spends a day in their footsteps but it is not just to get them more comfortable confiding in her; her sole purpose is to learn the ins and outs of their lives. She wants to know their daily routines so she knows exactly when she can strike and what kind of impact it will have on their lives. For instance if she discovers that her client is terrified of the dark and it causes panic attacks, she would know exactly when they would be home and exactly where the tripper was to shut off the nights. She gets some sick satisfaction from mentally terrorizing her clients and then comforting them after the fact.

This assignment was a little bit more challenging. It took me some time to figure out what exactly I wanted her article to be about. Did I want to make it about her tragic childhood? Did I want it to be about her start as a psychologist? But then I realized I wanted to give some background about how she always gets away with her criminal antics. By having her spend a day in the life of her clients, it explains how she knows where each one lives and where certain things are laid out in their houses.

The design that actually went into this made it more real. I didn’t want to just come up with a layout or use a picture of Centralia, PA. I actually spent a great deal of time trying to find a picture of “Stella” to incorporate on the cover. I also wanted the right layout. I spent just as much time piecing together the different elements, layout, picture, and dividers as I did writing the article. Design really is about the whole process coming together; each element is a contributing factor.

Work Itself

Stella's Article

Narrate the Process

I went online and found a newspaper cover story layout. Then I looked up the description I gave of Stella and tried my hardest to find a picture that would resemble her details. Eventually, I just had to drag a picture into GIMP and alter the eyes to make it the perfect picture.

From there I just began to write. I inserted made-up quotes to make the article seem more real and authentic.

This was all about showing a different perception of Stella.

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