Who talks on the phone anymore?

Who Called? (4 stars)

Record you self making a phone call as if you were a character off of the wire. The phone call has to be to another character from the wire. You can even make it a three way or four way call. You phone call can even be a voicemail as if someone didn’t pick up. Cutomize it as much as you like! The phone call has to be at least 2 minutes.

Story Behind the Story

Annnddddd it is Blair and Stella once again. You can’t separate this dynamic duo. These two girls have a secret. On the their show, Noir not the Father, it was revealed that Jack, the owner of the bar Barbarians, was the father of the unborn child of Jackie Steele. However, Stella and Blair did some tampering with the evidence and it turns out the whole thing was a lie. They thought that they had gotten away with it, until Stella received a letter laying out every detail of their ruse. Blair and Stella have a strange friendship, but a friendship nonetheless.

We clearly ignored the part about using characters from the Wire because obviously Stella and Blair are way better. We wanted to hint at a new mystery while leaving our audience hanging. Maybe you all will find out another time, or maybe there will be another murder in the mix. Who knows. These two are not a team you want to blackmail.

Work Itself

Narrate the Process

First, we created a script and figured out what direction we wanted to go in. We practiced it a couple of times and then sat down and recorded the whole thing on audacity. The clip came out to be 1:59, we are too cool to follow ALL of the rules, so of course we made it a second shorter than the required length.

We used a dial tone, phone ring, phone buttons, and a phone hang-up. We added these sounds after we recorded and placed them where necessary. These were found at freesound.org.

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