You can’t get rid of us that easy

We are backkkkkkk! Noir not the father has decided to take on the challenge of created a video that follows up on our character’s plot lines.

We decided to have a reunion show for Stella, Blair, Mick, Billy and Jack — Where are they now? Who were they before they came on the radio show? It will consists of flashbacks for each character in which we will get a little background and history of how our characters got to where they are now. However, we also want to address what happened to each character AFTER the twists and turns of the original Noir not the father. So get prepared.

We met on Wednesday night and collaborated on what kind of video we wanted to produce. From that, we each came up with our own trailers that would encompass the idea of the video. By the end of this week we will have each character’s backstory that they would like to use for the flashback. We already scheduled a time next week, Tuesday night, ┬áto build the rest of the script around the flashbacks. While we are still working on specific locations, we have some ideas in a mind — it is more just a matter of what places we have permission to use and what places require reservations.

I am excited to see how this final product will turn out.

Below is my trailer for Noir Not The Father: The Reunion:

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