NOIR not the father

Radio Show Name: NOIR not the father (Maury style talk show)

Group Members: Kelsey Roach, Mia Boleis, Cuyler Matteson, Brain Burns

Group Meetings:

Wednesday 2/18: came up with radio show idea, divided up responsibilities, arranged next meet-up

Monday 2/23: Write radio show script and practice

Wednesday 2/25: record and fine tune radio show

Radio Show Idea:

I know we had all previously made radio show ideas, but we didn’t really focus on that as a group. Since we had to incorporate all of our characters, our first step was to research one another’s character dossier’s. Coincidentally enough, our characters fit really well together. We had an alcoholic private detective, an alcoholic married couple with issues (which set up perfectly the idea of a femme fatale), a crime scene clean-up informant, and a sociopathic psychologist. While it may not seem like a perfect match, it was a pretty easy fit. The sociopathic psychologist loves ruining people’s lives, so why not have a talk show where she bears everyone’s secrets. And it wouldn’t be noir if there wasn’t an affair with intent to murder hiding in the background. Finally, with our Maury style talk show theme, there had to be a paternity test in the mix.


Stella Vaughn – Talk Show host

Blair Morgan – Crime Scene Clean-up Informant

Billy “Saw” Steel – Suspect in killing wife Jackie

Michael “Ol’ Mick” Bretton – affair with Jackie, Jackie and “Ol’ Mick” plan to murder Steel


–       Stella hosts talk show to unravel the mystery of Jackie Steel’s murder

–       Blair is brought on the show because she was one of the people that cleaned up the crime scene, she is going to be questioned about the kind of evidence that was found and what it means

–       Steel is the main suspect of Jackie’s murder – both are alcoholics and have suffered great loss, but it is believed that in a fit of rage he lost his temper and killed her because he found out that she was having an affair with “ol’ mick”

–       What Steel doesn’t know is that “Ol’ Mick” and Jackie were planning on killing him first

–       The only person who is aware of this tangled web of lies is Stella and of course her main goal is to ruin everyone’s lives by unraveling the truth

–       Plot twist: Jackie was pregnant.

–       Both men will be required to take a paternity test

Commercial Ideas:

–       Paternity test

–       Alcoholics anonymous

–       Carpet cleaning

–       Appliances

–       Car dealership

–       Radio show contest

–       Dating site

–       Restaurant

-    Lost cat



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