Not so fast, Mister

Radio Show Poster

Story behind the story

It took me a pretty long time to land on what I wanted my logo/poster to incorporate. I don’t know how many times I came up with an idea in my head and then created it and it turned out nothing like I thought it would be. It was starting to get pretty frustrating, and honestly I am not even sure how I got to the finished product. My original idea in no way resembles what my outcome turned out to be. Maybe that is another aspect of Design that I hadn’t caught on to yet. Just from this course as a whole, I have learned that the original idea is never the end idea. There is so much that happens during the process — it really shows the motions of thought and how different ideas build off of each other. It is never just ONE idea.

After going through about 2 0r 3 different creations, I realized I was trying to make it too busy. I wanted a simplistic representation of the show (after all Stella doesn’t really have much emotion in her life). It was a little difficult to come up with a way of summarizing the whole idea into one poster while also keeping it concise. I ended up just breaking down the main ideas behind our radio show and then tried to come up with individual images. Every time I repeated “NOIR not the father,”I always had an image of someone pointing at me. Then I pictured what the set of a Maury style show looks like and started searching images of a woman looking ominous while sitting in a chair. That specific description was a little hard to narrow down. I was originally going to have a woman in a chair on the right and a man in a chair on the left, but as I was searching for the male version, I came across the tiny group of men sitting in a line. Of course, the woman’s foot was a perfect placement for someone “stepping” on something. It really highlighted the dominance of Stella and the accusatory as well as revealing tone of the show.

Work Itself


Narrate the process

I started out with a red target and the idea of having and arrow shooting through it with the title of the radio show incorporated, in some way, with the build of the arrow. Once I had created a logo somewhat resembling this, I realized it didn’t really show what our radio show would be about. I replaced the arrow with the finger pointing. Then got rid of the target all together. Eventually it was just my mind working through different ideas and then finally looking at it and saying, “that’s it.”

There was no concrete process to this. It was a lot of messing around and starting over.

2 thoughts on “Not so fast, Mister

  1. “I don’t know how many times I came up with an idea in my head and then created it and it turned out nothing like I thought it would be.” This is, in essence how I feel about nearly every project. Glad someone else feels the same.

    Your image really gets the whole point of the show across, though. The “in your face” pointing hand really caught my attention and is actually what led me here. Also, did Butterfly happen to have any influence on this?

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