She took lots of crunchy foods to her radio interview…for the sound bites

I spent a little time listening to my classmates radio shows last week, but I was still pretty excited to hear what all of the different groups had put together. And if I am being honest, I was super excited to have our own show, NOIR not the father, broadcasted for everyone to hear (and we got 28 listeners, look at us go!).

Anyway, I loved hearing how each group interpreted the assignment. Each show was unique and played off of a different branch of noir. It was great getting to be able to hear other people’s perspectives of noir and actually get to listen to them come into play. And as I have said in previous weeks, the work done with our character dossiers have been my favorite assignments, so the fact that we got to incorporate those more fully as well as collaborate with other Noir 106 members made the process even more elaborate.

I tuned into DS106 Radio on Wednesday, so I had the pleasure of listening to MaNOIRpulators and Dead Silence. My main focus is going to be on MaNOIRpulators, but I will briefly touch on Dead Silence at the end.

First of, I absolutely love the name MaNOIRpulators. The element of noir literally and metaphorically really made the radio show intriguing. While, there were some technical difficulties during the opening of the show, it still debuted a show with cohesive sound effects and magical flashbacks. The group did a great job of keeping their sound effects consistent. I thought the bar background noise really brought the scene to life, but one of my favorites was the transition away from the bar scene. There was a seamless fade out of the rowdy crowd into the ominous slow steps on the stairs. It was very well done and put together.

Additionally, the flashback was a perfect element of noir to use. The first time the magical sound effect appeared, I was a little taken aback and not quite sure if it worked well with the story. However, I liked the idea of having flashbacks in story plots. I think they can really bring past and present together in an interesting way. At times it did feel a little awkward, but the overall idea was great. The story was well developed and it wouldn’t have been a noir radio show without the twist at the end. It was just confusing and suspenseful enough to make the listener question what had just happened, and I think that is a great feature in a story. Occasionally, it was hard to differentiate voices, but overall I though the idea was great and the group did a spectacular job of putting it all together.

With that, Dead Silence came on afterwards, and did a great job of breaking up the sections of the show into acts. The effect of having the Shadows voice echo really made his name into charactonym. They also did a good job with sounds effects and had some great commercials.

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