Soooo NOIR not the father?

My group consisted of me, Mia Boleis, Cuyler Matteson, Brain Burns, and Philip Dorch.

We created a Maury style talk show in which we connect all of our characters through crime and paternity tests (because how could it be Maury style without a couple paternity tests thrown in there). It was great to have each one of us delve into the minds of our characters as well as get to work with other people’s character dossiers.

We incorporated quite a bit of noir into our show, such as a femme fatale, a duped private investigator, and the ever popular murder element. But we also added some extra twists and gave it the air of what noir would be like in today’s society.

Here is a list of our characters and their roles within the radio show:


Stella Vaughn – Talk Show

Blair Morgan – Crime Scene Clean-up Informant

Billy “Saw” Steel – Suspect in killing wife Jackie

Michael “Ol’ Mick” Bretton – affair with Jackie, Jackie and “Ol’ Mick” plan to murder Steel

Jack Sadler-crappy ba owner /PI  baby daddy

So without further ado…here is NOIR not the father.




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