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I am extremely proud of my groups efforts to come up with such a unique and interesting radio show. NOIR not the father was full of twists, turns, sexual tension, and NOIR.

There really weren’t too many challenges with the show other than having to do repeated takes due to mess ups and coming up with an effective way to record all of our voices. We all worked really well together and collaborated on the script. I think the idea of each of us adopting our characters while writing made the process easier. It was like Stella, Blair, Billy, Mick and Jack were all sitting in the ITCC telling their side of the story.

If there was one thing I would go back and change, it would be the time dedicated to sound effects. While I think our final product was great and Philip did a fantastic job editing in all of our different sounds, I would have liked to spend a little more time making them feel more real and authentic.

However, that didn’t stop me from making everyone in my family and all of my roommates listen to it; they weren’t too keen on the fact that it lasted 27 minutes, but I made them suck it up.

Although, when it came time for our debut on DS106 radio, I was a little nervous at reading people’s response to it. Ultimately, everyone seemed to really like it and I loved following along with people’s comments, especially at the parts where we were clearly getting exhausted and just started to add random details like Blair being a little bit of a ho….

Even when I was going back through people’s posts to complete our 10 comments, I always got distracted when I saw someone had written a post about Noir not the father. It took me an extra 45 minutes to do those comments because I just couldn’t help myself. I liked that our hard work was broadcasted and the feedback from our classmates was supportive as well as helpful.

This is by far one of my favorite assignments of my college career. It was great to collaborate with all of these different characters that people had created. You really get to see how your mind works creatively as well as with your peers. And having them placed on a live show for anyone to hear, not just our noir106 classmates, made it a more authentic, real world skill.

The only advice I would give is to map out your time management. Our group was a little set back when writing the script turned out to take more than 2 hours to put together. You need to set a good chuck of time aside to sit down and get each step of the process completed.

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