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My final inspiration post is about Megan Rosengrant. While this post is about one picture in particular, I also want to touch on her enthusiasm and personality in her posts. She has such an animated voice that it brings each post to life and makes it 10x more enjoyable to read. She clearly has a passion for noir, and I love how much she incorporates it in her blog.

I absolutely love her photo challenge pictures but my favorite is this one


Noir is normally dark and ominous. In fact half the time when I am watching a noir film I can’t even see the character’s faces. However, in Megan’s photo she finds a way to make light into the dark ominous noir feeling. I love the contrast of the sun causing shadows with the black and white effect. And the interruption of the venetian effect by the flowers is a great addition to tone of the photo.

This inspired me to take more risks with my photography skills. I honestly just wanted to go explore and find objects, space, and shadows to take pictures of.

Here is my inspired post:

Megan Rosengrant 

All of Megan’s post are so funny and really show her personality. I also love how dedicated she is to the noir theme. She seems to have had noir as part of her life long before DS106 and it is great that she gets to express it. I especially love this post for the quotes the describe each picture; it enhanced what each one meant in the noir culture. It was a great perspective of the venetian blind effect as well.¬†

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