I’m not going to lie, when I see we have readings and videos to watch, I always groan a little just because it is not as exciting as creating intense fake movie trailers or photoshopping Dr. Groom’s face on a movie poster. However, this week it was really interesting and pretty amusing. I watched MORE than three of the required videos and learned a lot about reading movies. I think it stems from my experience with the book/movie Bridge to Terabithia. It was the first book that I absolutely loved and when I discovered it was being made into a movie I wiped out a notepad and pen and trucked my little stubborn ass to the movies. I had every intention of writing down each inconsistency….of course I didn’t really take into consideration that it would be dark and I would stop caring 5 seconds after the movie started. But it sparked a little movie critic in me and for the longest time I told myself I would become a film critic (mainly just to see movies for free…I mean $12? I could do 8 loads of laundry with that money!).

Anyway, I think that is another reason I found this assignment interesting. I got to bring out that little girl with the notepad and pen one more time. It is amazing how all of these years I have been going to the movies and I never knew that each little movement or zoom had a specific purpose within the plot. I will never watch a movie the same way again….

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