Hey, that’s mine?

I have never thought about my work as private or just mine. I don’t know if that mentality comes from the level of collaboration in education courses or just the idea that my work could never possibly be used by someone else. I mean I am just me… so why would anyone need to reuse anything I have created. But looking back at all of the assignments I have done for this course, those are mine. I created those. So shouldn’t I have some artistic credit for them? It seems so. When using another person’s creation, you have in a way disregarded the effort and process that goes into such unique pieces.

However, I am also all about sharing ideas and building off of one another. I think that is where the Creative Commons steps in over Copyright law. This allows for there to still be scholarly recognition but also a platform for ideas to expand and become something bigger. While I would like to think my work is perfect, no one’s is ever complete. Different perspectives and perceptions can hone in on a more cohesive or well-rounded design or idea. Then again, credit is due on the foundation of those ideas. I would hate to have my work used and morphed into something completely different and then have the original fall away like a deteriorating piece of paper.

The fair use aspect of copyright law was a little confusing to follow. I see the rules and the exceptions but is it really so cut and dry? I feel like there can’t be a yes or no way to look at another person’s work. Today’s society is so bent on digital technologies that you can pretty much find anything you are looking for by just searching in Google. It has created this community where one idea branches to another and then to another. This digital age moves so fast that you could post something tonight and have it be shared hundreds of times by tomorrow morning. I think the idea of collaboration is great, but I also would hate to see my own work become someone else’s idea.

I will say, I absolutely loved the “Fair(y) Use Tale video. It was fantastic and broke down the whole issue into interesting and understandable terms. It was a great summary of information and who doesn’t love a video of all Disney clips?

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