I don’t know how to do this “nice” thing

It seems that I am supposed to commenting and giving words of encouragement/criticisms on other members assignments. One of the perks of being a sociopathic psychologist is I have the power to make people think I care. So I may have given you all positive comments, but I am actually just tricking you all into liking Dr. Stella Vaughn. There is a reason they always say keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Daily Create- Tree Art 

Inanimate Motion 

One on One with Julia James 

Letter to Little Ole Me 

My Daily creates…

Do it Got to it, Daily Creates, Lets Do it! 

Interstellar Trailer 

The only interview I’ll ever do that isn’t in the NNTF Sage 

Breakfast, Batman, and Bark 

My Kind of Princess 

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