My BFF is spectacular

While Mia Boleis may be one of my closest friends, she is also the most dedicated and creative individual. She puts so much time into each of her assignments and is so proud of them by the final product. It is clear that every creation she puts together is more than just a process. She really takes the time to integrate as many elements as possible and still finds a way to make them unique.

In this particular daily create, she used inspiration from Little Einstein’s Remix  and it is absolute perfection. Not only does the show’s theme song represent the process of going through DS106, but the attention to detail and the addition of noir cat just shows how much thought she put into accurately representing our class. Words cannot even express how accurate a depiction this picture is — I mean it should be the poster for DS106 (I am 100% serious).

DS106 in Space

All of her designs are so on point. She really goes the extra mile not only with her creations but with the titles of her blog posts. Sometimes it amazes me how she comes up with certain ideas.

Also, if you can get through one of her blog posts without laughing than you are from a different plan because home girl uses so many memes and has a great sense of humor. While I have worked with her before and we have both experienced the frustrations of some of these assignments, she never stops until it is absolutely perfect.

Below is my inspire submission:

Mia Boleis 

Mia puts so much effort into each of her designs. She thinks of every little detail that could possibly make it better. For instance, instead of just photoshopping a rocket into space, she took inspiration from the Little Einstein’s remix, labeled all of the DS106 professors (and cat), and then added her own touch by added fun fonts to it. It is so much more than a daily create; she puts all of her creative juices into every assignment. She also always links to what inspires her what effects she uses in each assignment. It really brings the whole process together.

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