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My third inspired post is about Jonathan Polson. I love his interpretation of this assignment. Not only was it a different way of looking at it but it also did a great job of incorporating his character. The first person narration from Damon in the blog post really pushed the connection between the reader and his character dossier. I love the meaning behind each picture and how it correlates with each letter of his name. It also shows a tremendous amount of research in discovering what kinds of artists represent Damon. It was just about moving or appreciating art, it was about showcasing exactly what kind of person is drawn to those particular motifs.

This was an inspiring post because it really delves into the creative process. Each element has a meaning to it; nothing is there just to fill a letter and I think that is an essential part of design. Each picture served an overarching meaning to Damon’s character. I also like the fact that the main focus is on the pictures. The hint of yellow emphasizes the letters but not in a way that takes away from the real meaning behind them.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 12.23.19 AM

Here is my inspiration post:

Jonathan Polson 

This is by far the best interpretation of this assignment I have seen. Jonathan does a phenomenal job of incorporating his character. I love the notion of Damon narrating the description. It really shows how much thought that Jonathan put into the development of not only the design but in his character as well. He has a great blog set up that is easily navigable. He also does a great job of describing his assignments. 

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