Use those hands, girl

My next inspiration is Kimberly Roehl. I always love seeing how each person completes the daily create. Sometimes they are all over the place and sometimes they stay within the same realm. She said in her post she claimed not to be a good enough drawer to complete an idea so she went with a hand drawing a hand drawing another hand. And I was just like …uh wait…hold…on…because that is brilliant and a pretty good drawing. So great job!

I mean just look at it…


If that is not the definition of creative hands than I don’t know what is. It was such a unique way of looking at the assignment. This really inspired me to try and look at things from a different view point. I loved the contrast of real life with a creation and it made me want to explore beyond “a hand” to say the least. Her post and creation get you thinking about looking outside of the box and trying to incorporate real and imaginary. I love the duality of the picture.

I have learned a lot about representations in English literature theory and it always amazes me that each picture within the picture is different. In fact the picture of the hand drawing more hands is a representation itself. The only original is the one Kimberly’s hand. So I love the play on hand-ception and representation. It is kind of like the painting The Treachery of Images by René Magritte:


Underneath it says, “This is not a pipe,” because it is a drawing of a pipe. Just like that is not Kimberly’s hand drawing more hands drawing more hands, it is a picture of it. That may be too in depth but that is exactly what I thought of when I say this daily create.

Here is what my inspire submission said:

Kimberly Roehl

I remember seeing this daily create a while back and thinking it was such a cool way to complete an assignment. She gave it a great title, hand-ception, and shared how she came up with idea. I am always curious about the way people arrive at certain thoughts, and I liked that she branched it off of another artist. Additionally, just going through her other posts helped me get a sense of her as a blogger. Kimberly seems to give great detail and back story to each assignment, which is key in understanding the meaning behind each design. 

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