Photography, writing, AND video…oh my

A Unique Heel Concept

Take a photo of a unique #Heelconcept  by elevating your foot on an everyday object as a heel.

A unique heel



Select 5 emojis and use them as a prompt for a unique story. Screenshot your emojis and add link to your story below. If you are on Twitter then you can emojinate in one click!

We all make mistakes


What five things in life give you joy?

Make a video of five things that bring you joy

Upload your video to YouTube with the tags dailycreate and tdc1142 (YouTube seems to work best if you also include tdc1142 in the video title)


5 thoughts on “Photography, writing, AND video…oh my

  1. Your emoji story caught me completely off guard and I re-read it to make sure that I was seeing things okay, but I love it.

  2. I love your daily creates this week! Your emoji story is very scary and creative! I would never have thought up such an elaborate story for those simple emojis. Also, I loved your video of what brings you joy. The transitions were fun and effective like a story board that tells about your life.

  3. OMG! you’re emoji story was the most intense one I have read yet! That was incredible, and I never expected it to end like that!!! So was the lipstick from his mother then??

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