The future is way too close

Ironically, this week’s Daily creates were full of reminders about my upcoming graduation, and there is the fact that I also had to buy my cap and gown this week…..

The first daily create addressed the steps you have taken to reach your goal….the reminder that I still have a longggggg way to go before reaching that goal…..

stairs to success


The second, I used the letter that UMW sent to every senior about donating for a class gift…..still a broke college kid UMW….

Mail Origami

One thought on “The future is way too close

  1. Wow! Your origami is so good. You will have to teach me sometime! Also, graduation is a scary thought. Good thing we have a whole nother year together. Also I just realized how grammatically incorrect that statement is and I probably will refrain from using it.

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