These are asinine…

Seeing as I, Stella Vaughn, have to pick up Kelsey’s slack on her blog, I have discovered the stupidity of her daily routines, more specifically these ridiculous daily creates. Nontheless, it must get done and since Kelsey has decided to take a “break” I will be in charge of completing your absurd requests. Here are your daily creates….


Breakfast selfie

Quite honestly, the happiness that is implied in this horrid usage of food is greatly exaggerated. In fact, it simply delayed my day by 30 seconds. I will never get that back. There are people with real problems in the world who need my help and guidance. This is so beneath my skill level.

15 second batman

Don’t EVEN get me started on Batman. He is a nonexistent vigilante who ruins everyone’s plans and destroys public property on a regular basis.What is his purpose in life? This was the worst 15 seconds of my life. We do agree on one front though, I like to make people squirm and fear for their lives, he just does it to villains whereas I am more of an open arms, everyone deserves to be treated equally type of giver. Sometimes I can make that happen at least 5 times a day…on a good day.


While I am an psychologist, I don’t do motivation. I am more of a listener…(that is I listen to find out what parts of your life I can screw up even more). If you ever need to talk, feel free to give my office a ring.


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