50 Million Hours Later…

These collaborations are ridiculous. I work alone. I have always worked alone. I only use people when I don’t want to get my hands dirty. This video production of Noir Not the Father has taken up 15 HOURS of my life.

We have met for filming 4 times…and when I say met for filming, I mean we were all locked in a room together for at least 3 hours at a time. Have any of you ever been locked in a room with Blair Morgan, Billy Steel, Mick Bretton, or Jack Sadler? I don’t suggest it. Blair has become one of my “friends” but she is also the world’s biggest flirt. So naturally she spent all of production batting her eyelashes and flip flopping between Mick and Billy. Jack and I have never gotten along. He seems to think my presence is irrelevant. Look who is calling the kettle black, Jack?

While I am the host of Noir Not the Father, sometimes I wonder if ruining people’s lives on national television is even worth it…

Even though I was stuck with this headaches, I mean guests, I guess you could say we worked well together (as well as a drunk, murderer, asshole, flirt, and an emotionless host can cooperate).

We developed our idea to start off with a backstory of each of us so that the audience can get a sense of who we were BEFORE we all met.Then we would have our reunion show, where I , Dr. Stella Vaughn, would once again interview each guests and see how their lives have changed since our radio show.

Then we met again to begin planning the production process: what did you want your backstory to say? What would we address on the reunion show? I guess you could say we developed a script (but of course everything on the show was improvised and FILMED IN FRONT OF A LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE).

After 4 hours of “script” making. We met again to begin the actual filming of the show. Which surprisingly took a little less than 3 hours ( I think that is a new record). We met at the studio* and fleshed out seating, guests entrances and then our audience started to file in, so we began our show.

*Green screen room

However, we jinxed ourselves because when it came time to edit and put everything together….5 hours didn’t even cover it.

Blair Morgan has developed some CRAZY  video editing skills…I don’t know how since she has 5 kids but oh well. So she took the video and worked with effects, sound, cutting, and placing. While Blair may be a little too free with her affection, she does know how to put together a mean video. I have never seen her work so hard on an assignment.

We all met up the next day and helped her as much as we could. While she was working her magic, we also filmed our commercials and edited them as well as made intro clips for the show. Jack, Billy, and Mick somehow managed to work together to work with the crowd oohhss and ahhssss. Eventually, we put everything together.

We are now waiting for the final cut.


6 thoughts on “50 Million Hours Later…

  1. Wow, sounds like you’re having a rough time! Working in a group can definitely be tough. I’m sure it’ll all work out though and have a cool project to share with all of us in the end!

  2. I really enjoyed reading your experience. I totally agree with you. Video assignments take long time to complete and kind of hard. But it’s fun and enjoyable! :)

  3. It is nice how you really put your feelings into your posts. In my opinion, though, working alone is silly! Friends are what makes the world go ’round, especially when you have a difficult project to complete. I agree, video takes a long time! That’s why doing it alone is silly!

  4. I feel ya girl. Thanks for the shout out, I’ve really never worked so hard. AND I COULDN’T HAVE DONE ANYTHING WITHOUT YOU! I should probably switch which team I’m batting for if this whole Mick thing doesn’t work out……..

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