I think I’ll take a glass of wine and some Netflix, please?

This week wasn’t as hard as I had expected it to be, but with spring break looming in the background, I wanted to get everything done beforehand (which of course I neglected to do considering I am posting my weekly summary on Sunday night per usual, somethings I just can’t change). However, after weeks of frustrating experiences followed by proud moments, followed my some tears (not actually, but sometimes it almost got there) this week made me feel almost relaxed. I enjoyed creating a radio show and actually getting some face-to-face interaction with other members of DS106.

I have learned a lot in this course from photo editing to sound editing, but I think one thing it has taught me the most is to pull out my creative side. The autonomy and trust that I get when I create my own audio tracks or the feedback/ conversation we have on twitter creates an environment that allows for students and professors to be equals. I feel like I am developing tracks and visuals for future generations whether it be by example or just as a building block.

So much of my time as an english major is research papers and reading. As a prospective high school english teacher, I constantly hear about learning styles and how each person learns differently. Having this course broken up into weeks dedicated to audio, or design, or video, allows me to experience the different types of learning styles first hand. I would love to incorporate some of these assignments in a high school classroom.

I think having a relatively relaxing week allowed for me to reflect on what I have learned so far this semester. Getting to have fun with the radio show allowed for the skills we have spent so much time racking our brains to develop to come into play for a real life debut. The creativity behind every assignment is such a great process. This really lets you see how your mind works, especially when we have to reflect on those ideas.

Our radio show put all of our creative juices on a pedestal. While normally I am not a fan of group work, this assignment was one of the few where having multiple brains working together was the catalyst of creating a phenomenal idea, if I may say so myself. It may not be perfect; we may not be professional radio show hosts, but it as we learned in design, somethings are more about how you got there and actually creating them instead of the finished product.

And I will say, I liked having our daily creates back. One of my professors asked me the other week what the heck we did in this class because she always sees my tweets about my daily creates. I responded that honestly they were just for fun and let us get to work with other peoples creative ideas. Never once have I ever called a required assignment fun. So kudos.

Additionally, if there is one way to get a ego boost. It is having other people comment on your blog. I am not going to deny that I very seldom commented until it was made an official assignment, but know that I see how conversations and ideas can be shared, it is great.

I will also not deny that I am in desperate need of spring break, a glass of wine and netflix.

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