Idaho…no Udaho…wait…Tecolotito?

It has been a busy week for my crew at No Stain No Problem.

If you would like more in-depth updates, pictures of evidence, and an overview of our services please feel free to visit our agencies site linked above.

For now, here is a brief synopsis of what we have been up:

My job as the teams publicist is to ensure all of our clients indiscretions remain just that. I develop stories and come up with the necessary forms, so you never have to worry about anyone finding out about your “accidents.”

We received an interesting case from an anonymous caller….not once…but twice.

The first call took us to a hotel in Harrison, Idaho where there was an…unfortunate accident that required some hefty carpet cleaning utensils. Mick was able to deter the police investigation while I snuck a cover story to the press about what “really” happened in the hotel room. According to “sources,” two men wanted to avoid getting fined for destruction of property and the violation of the no pet rule, so they took off in the middle of the night leaving quite a mess for the crew to clean-up.

The second call took us to┬áTecolotito, New Mexico. Where ironically, it was another run in with animals, 12 or 13 cats…we still can’t seem to figure out exactly HOW many cats she owned, that seemed to bring attention to this crime…I mean….mess…It seems a poor lawyer, who had been overwhelmed with work and lack of sleep, drank too many glasses of wine and drowned in her tub. It caused quite a commotion for the other tenants, and the crew and I had to work fast to get everything under control. We needed to make sure that our anonymous caller wasn’t suspected for making another mess.

I am eager to see what we have in store next week, although I am hoping it doesn’t involve anymore cats…it seems cat hair is a tricky piece of evidence to deal with.

Until next time…


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