If we arrest Groom does that give us a free pass for the rest of the semester?

This week No Stain No Problem decided to stray from our normal path of helping murderers and assist in actually arresting one. While I didn’t really feel either way about doing the right thing versus letting the criminal get away, it seemed that they crew wanted to do some good for once in our existence. This is our journey through the case of MEOWdred Pierce.

In case you haven’t been following our case, it all started when we received this mysterious phone call….

As you have heard, our caller wasn’t too chatty about the events of his mess, which normally I would brush off. However, for the next two weeks we continued to receive phone calls from this same caller. Each time, he left quite mess and story for us to cover up. I spent weeks covering this guys tracks and developing fake stories to leak to the press, but in his last attempt, he stupidly killed a prominent member of society. So far he had stuck to small towns where no one would question anything. Unfortunately for him we started to make connections when our last victim was none other than Martha Burtis, a prominent member of Digital Knowledge world and a resident of FredVegas.

*Please follow the link below to Martha’s cover story

Update Three

Once we “dealt” with the last mess. We started digging deeper past our normal requirements.

Once we realized that a common theme in these crime scenes was the presence of black animal hair…more specifically cat hair…we knew there was more to this case than just random murders.

For those of you who don’t know…the DKC at the University of Mary Washington is the home to Black and her cat Noir Cat. Apparently, NC had gone missing….that is the true scheme.

JIM GROOM had been following the trail of Noir Cat hoping to abduct him and ruin Black’s chances at becoming partner at the DKC. He wanted Noir Cat to be associated with all of those murders; thereby making everyone hate NC and Black.

He would have gotten away with it too….if it hadn’t been for my crew.

Update Four

Our case experiences have taken us on one hell of a journey. All thanks to Groom and that stupid Noir Cat…really Groom…you decided to murder THREE people just to kidnap a cat and make Black look bad for a lousy partnership. I mean we aren’t supposed to judge, but honestly, get it together. 

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