It has been a blast

I am not going to lie, this is the first week where I don’t feel as confident in my grasp on the weekly topic. I thought I understood design, and I loved reading Vignelli’s booklet, but when it came to the DesignBlitz and evaluating the design and space of Double Indemnity, I felt a little lost. It was a challenge. I still have a lot to learn about what design is all about. I don’t like not feeling confident in the details. Some of it became clearer as I was reflecting on assignments and sometimes I felt like I was contradicting myself. In a way, maybe that is what design is all about? It is supposed to get use thinking about meaning and what each step of the process offers to the experience.

All of the other weeks have proven to be a challenge but I always knew what I was doing or trying to represent. This was a different kind of challenge. It really took my out of my comfort zone. I mean I loved the assignments, but I felt like I was forcing myself to figure out what they meant to design. I think I kind of started to grasp it when I was reflecting on the Copyright and Creative Commons pieces. When I started thinking about not getting credit for the pieces I created, I realized that it was less about the product and more about how I got to that stage and what kind of skills, thoughts, or mistakes I made in the process. In simple terms. it was about the design. It was about each step. It was about the meaning behind every click or color choice. Talking through it now, maybe I do get design. Maybe I don’t, but I do know that it has nothing to do with the perfection of a piece and everything to do with the frustrations, misdirections, and choices that gave you the piece. The piece is just a compilation of everything your mind went through.

With that, my mind went through a lot of stories this week. I started off with the Four Icons/One Story assignment, which was a lot of fun. I loved breaking down a whole movie into four objects. It got me to focus on what was really important and what could portray the best meaning of the plot.

The next two assignments, I focused on my character, Stella. With the Invoice Design, I was able to show my character through a more unconventional means. I was able to portray her through objects. What I liked most was the duality I was able to create within those objects. They all could have had alternate meanings — it all depended on which way you wanted to see them. In the second assignment, the Newspaper Design, I wanted to show a different side of Stella; I wanted to give her a different meaning. I had built up this dark and twisted character, and then I thought, well how on earth does she get away with being so dark and twisted? So I made the article praise her dedication to her job. I decided she needed to have a new characteristic added to her: innovative.

Finally, my all time favorite assignment this week was getting to make a Movie Poster using Dr. Groom’s face. I looked getting to manipulate a preexisting movie and transform it into a DS106 masterpiece. I am so proud of that poster that I actually wish it was being made into a movie. Maybe one day, Dr. Groom?

Anyway, this week has been a struggle, I am not going to deny it. Week 5 kicked my butt.

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