One week I will have these summaries done before Sunday…just not this week

Even when I get most of my posts done before Wednesday, I still can’t seem to get the weekly summary done on any other day than Sunday. Womppp wompppp

Maybe it has just become a habit? Maybe being to productive early in the week is just so unnatural that I have to save at least one assignment for the last minute to balance it out? Whatever it is, this week has wrapped up nicely, minus the daily create assignments consistently reminding me of the ever approaching graduation. Not only did I have to purchase my cap and gown, but I had to make stairs that show the steps to my future and I made an origami tulip out of a donation letter from UMW. You could say I’m in the denial stage at the moment.

But one thing I CAN count on is….NOIR NOT THE FATHERRRRRR. That’s right we are back.  I tricked you all with my final summary wrap up, but you know us…it wouldn’t be Noir Not the Father without a twist. We are back and in an even better form than before…Welcome to the world of movies, Stella, Blair, Billy, Mick, and Jack. I had so much fun making the trailer for this video, and if the rest of the video making process is anything like that 40 second clip then I can’t wait to see what is in store. While this week was pretty relaxed with the planning, I know that means next week is going to be chalk full of late nights and absurd story plot twists, but I have faith in our group.

And if there is one thing I learned this week, it is that anyone in this class is fully capable of legit shows. This week I tuned into Inside Talking, and it was beyond impressive. Their sound effects and dedication to making it sound like a genuine talk show was right on point.


They have definitely inspired me to make our video top notch. With that, I would also love to incorporate some of the techniques we learned about in the reading movies information. I have already imagined a scene trunk angle scene with Stella and her flashback.

This week has been pretty simple, and I am a little worried that, that means something daunting for future assignments. Bring it on DS106. I got this.

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