We are just getting started

This week wasn’t as challenging as the last audio week. I felt like I knew what I was doing, and while there were times when I still wanted to chuck my computer at the wall, it was more out of not getting assignments 100% perfect and less about knowing what to do.

Each week, I get frustrated and annoyed by assignments, but I am also super proud of them. I tell myself that I just need to get through my Senior Seminar readings and then I can finally work on my DS106 assignments. I am an english major, and yeah I still love to read but this semester has kind of put that in the back of my head. This week, I freaking created a radio commercial, made a theme song, wrote a teenage angsty letter from a sociopathic psychologist AND created a new story using greatest hits from Ed Sheeran. Hellll yeahhh.

Audio was always daunting. I never thought in a million years I would be able to do half the stuff I have learned to do. I love taking different sounds and making them into something else — giving them a meaning other than the original. It is interesting to think, no one else will make this exact track. These are unique to my own thought processes.

Also, using them to further develop my character is the best kind of mental process. I have to put myself in the shows of this imaginary person. While I dictate everything she thinks and does, it almost seems like I have to follow a certain pattern when it comes to representing her. I think I had the most fun with the theme song. I loved being able to describe her with no words or actions. It was solely her personality. In a way I think this was the most defining description I have produced for Stella.

Audio allows you to tell a story; it allows you to be creative while also forcing the audience to think. What does this mean? Why this particular sound? I like the idea that maybe it can be interpreted in more than one way. Stella can form into multiple different portrayals through sound.

The teenage angsty letter was perfect. About a week ago, I made a trip home and actually went through my old memory box of letters, so they were pretty fresh in my mind to work off of. While I was practice, I realized how important what you do with audio is to the story. If I had just read it, then no one would have gotten the cynicism or nonchalance of Stella’s personality.

I also feel like being able to listen to other people’s assignments shows how different people view the same idea in different ways. It develops a different kind of community. Commenting is such an important aspect. Even if you aren’t commenting, just listening to other people’s interpretations can not only foster ideas but get you to look at an assignment in a different way.

This can also be said for the DS106 radio listen along. I love the idea of having sharing thoughts and enhancing understanding.

(All of this “we are a community” attitude is probably being fostered by the fact that I am listening to an inspirational piano piece while writing this)


I was a little worried about this radio show at first. I didn’t know how we were going to incorporate all characters and come up with a collective idea. Just the words audio week start to make my heart pound. But after getting an idea, I am really excited to start recording it and making it into a reality. I also had a blast making a radio show poster. It made me really focus on the point of the show and how I wanted it to be portrayed to the public. This definitely did not feel like and assignment.


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