What week is it again?

It was a little hard to get back in the swing of things after having a week of binge watching Netflix and sleeping in, but it does seem to be getting easier week by week (if I could only tell myself to do my write ups as soon as I finish the assignments).

I was pretty excited to hear other groups radio shows this week as well as my own. I am glad all of our hard work paid off. This was by far one of my favorite radio listen alongs because it was our little community of NOIR106ers broadcasting our spectacular talent for everyone to hear and apparently that even included places like Canada.

Speaking of collaboration, I had a blast continuing to connect my character Stella with Mia Boleis’ character, Blair. We chose to collaborate on all 10 stars because who can’t get enough of Stella and Blair? I know I can’t. We are some pretty bomb ass ladies.

In the first assignment, the wedding invite, we chose to have one of Blair’s five children get married. And naturally Stella was invited to the wonderful event. Even though having those two in the same room as wedding was probably going to cause some curse on the happy couple.

In the second assignment, we decided to continue from our radio show NOIR not the father. We did this by altering the voicemail assignment.  Blair and Stella have a giant secret about the paternity test they administered on their show. This voicemail hints at a set of lies but doesn’t explicitly say what they two women did. We wanted to get people on the edge of their seat. Cliffhangers are soooo Noir.

In the final assignment, we also built off of our radio show by sending postcards between Blair and Stella. Stella is on a trip to find more contestants for their show and once again their is a hint at another plot in the making but you will only know that if we feel  like revealing it to you.

This week I was excited that I got to work completely with my character. I love developing Stella, and now that she has a twitter account, @stellsvaughn, and a gmail account, stellsvaughn@gmail.com, you are going to be hearing a lot more from her.

I like that this week focused a lot on connecting all of our work and inspiring one another. While we did have the usual assignments and daily creates, there was a stronger emphasis on breaking down what makes DS106 different from other courses. I really think that comes from the notion of reflection on people’s designs and processes. Commenting on each other’s blog makes assignments and posts more about just fulfilling a requirement; it gives us a chance to delve into people’s minds and experience their creativity.

Building off of that, the inspired posts. I loved getting notifications that people found my work inspiring. Getting comments is always a little boost but to have someone say that a piece of work that you created was inspiring to them was a while different level of admiration. I also felt like it let us dig a little deeper into people’s blog posts. With commenting, it is more just “this sounded good” or “maybe you could add this” but with the inspiration posts you really needed to focus on every detail. It helped get an overall sense of the person.

The four people I chose for my inspiration posts were Mia Boleis, Jonathan Polson, Megan Rosengrant, and Kimberly Roehl.

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